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Finding a job in Havana?

Hello everyone!

I am new up here, so I am still exploring the possibilities this website offers, but I have been told that it is perfectly OK to ask for a job up here :)

I am Slovenian, I am a teacher of English and Spanish, although I have been working in translation for the past three years.

I am seriously considering moving to Havana (personal reasons) and that is why I am searching for any contacts through which I could find a job there. I know life is far from easy down there, but I am willing to work hard and I would take up basically any job, preferably with some foreign company, because I still find it hard to believe that the Cubans survive with their miserable wages and I have been told that people, working in foreign companies earn a bit more. Also I know that there are less problems regarding visa in such cases. I am asking for any useful information here because I believe that my fellow expats in Havana will understand me better that the Cubans and probably they will also see in me a reliable and hardworking person.

I am planning to move there in about a year and a half (autumn of Protected content .

Thanks for any useful piece of information! Saludos

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