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information on immagration to Cuba (Havana)

Hello Cuban expats!

I am a young lady from Alberta, Canada. I had recently went to Cuba, Varadero and have completely fell in love with the country people and culture. Now that I am doing my research on Cuba I have so many questions, and I think the Habana team may be able to help me with a few questions.

1. is it hard to find a job in Cuba? I am in school right now for Registered massage therapist, and have some other modalities under my belt. to get into this industry how would I go about that.
2. Can I buy land in Cuba with out being an actual citizen of Cuba, I have read a lot about this and have heard a lot of mixed answers.
3. how is the health care? I know it is owned by the government and it free to the citizens but how readily available is it?
4. do I HAVE to live in Habana??

I do not plan on moving to Cuba for a couple of years but I want to make sure that I have all the information I can before making the big leap!!

If you have any other words of wisdom or information about this beautiful country please share!!

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