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new member questions (Havana)

Hello. My name is Vaughn. I am new to the community hee. I am 49 years old retired american I am well traveled around the world and lived in south america for 5 years and speak ok espanol.

I plan on coming to cuba in may Protected content year. I would like to ask board member advice about some things you might reccomend.

I plan to stay two weeks or more. I am interested in learning the people and the culture during my stay. Not really into touristy things and beautiful buildings etc. I want to learn about the people.

Can you recomend a hotel or better rental of an apartment for a single man close to the city?
A safe quiet section of town for newcomers of havana?
Do you recommend any towns i should make a short visit to besides havana?
what is the best way for an American to fly into cuba? From where ,if not the usa should i fly into cuba?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

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