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Building Structural Survey (Heidelberg)


I'm hoping someone may be able to speak from experience and help guide me a little with regards to the options and process for buying a property.

I moved here a few years back and my wife and I are quite keen to buy a property in Sandhausen. The building was originally built in Protected content had some extension work done to it in the Protected content .

Although I didn't buy a property in the UK before I moved to Germany I seem to recall a fairly common practice of paying for a structural survey to be done on the building prior to purchase. This would get an engineer or equivalently qualified person to check for things like subsidence and any structural issues that may not be obvious to the untrained. The purpose clearly being to assess the property for any hidden issues that may result in hefty costs later on.

I have many questions relating to this and I'd be grateful for all answers as I need to educate myself rapidly:

- What would such a survey or service be called in German?
- What types of companies would offer such services?
- Is this something that lenders would assist with as it is a form of protecting their investment?

Thanks in advance,


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