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Help of French native speaker urgently needed (Heidelberg)

Before leaving to Congo volunteering for an NGO in humanitarian aid, I want to ask you for your support:

I can speak a little french, but I need assistance translating some terms and instructions from German/English to French. Basically it is about how to set up tents, how to use a repair kit and tools, and the basic life support aid material we deliver. Last but not least, I need translations for some basic terms out of the areas transportation, logistics, customs, etc. for the communication with local governmental institutions and other humanitarian aid organizations.

It is not about special technical terms and translations, just the basic ones (e.g. "insert tent pole in the sleeve", customs officer, border control, solar lamp, water filter, tarpaulin, pincers, hammer, saw, loading the lorry... sth. like that) . Usually I would try to do it myself, but as I will leave for Congo quite soon and I am not a native speaker, I am afraid it would take me longer time I still have. Furthermore, maybe my translations would not be as suitable as yours to talk with the local people in Congo.

Therefore, I would be very grateful if somebody of you is so kind to help me for a couple of hours. Best would be this coming weekend, March 8th-10th Protected content . Should you have time, I am happy if you send me a personal message.

Thank you very much for your support!


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