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Advice, case of defamation and identity thieff (Helsinki)


Dear IN Community in Helsinki

In case of defamation in Helsinki what would you do?

This hat not been officially verified yet, but apparently there was a woman i meet 1 year ago, who lives in helsinki, a french, who pretended to have a business or private relationship with me, and utilized my name to do business in helsinki. while i wasnt there. To later on spreed false information associated to my name and use a another person from mexico to claim to be me. (Identity thief and defamation)

I am trying to veryfy all of these information now.

In such a case what would you do?

I am sure there are good lawyers in helsinki.

But what would you do? would you go first to police?

Is there any police department specialized in business, cases of defamation, and identity thieff?

In Germany there is a police unity specialized in business cases. Does exist something like that in Helinski?

I recently wrote a letter to police department in Helsinki, I am sure they will give me some useful information.

But I know for sure there are direct easy ways to solve this situations you might know better, maybe from experiences you did hear about.

What would you suggest me to do?

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