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Are you interested on a free lecture + movie? (Helsinki)

If anyone is interested on a free short lecture about change and transition in life and the Louise Hay movie (which talks about change as well) there will be this event in Leppavaara Library on 17th February at 14.30hrs

I am a certified teacher (as second job) and recently we got some news at Nokia which many found a bit hard to digest. I am offering this session for free cause I KNOW what many are passing through, since Im part of the same. And i know is scary, mostly when you are a foreigner.

I hope I can inspire attendants to trust life and be responsive to this situation in a way that is positive and beneficial for themselves.

Naturally is open to everyone who would like to join, not necessarily only to Nokians or people who want to change or want others to change or situations to change.

There are limited places, the event is public in Facebook and I don't know how to put the event here in internations or if it's even allowed.

Thank you!

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