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CRB check from the UK while living overseas (Helsinki)

Hi, I just moved to Finland from the UK a few months ago and managed to get a job working in an English day care starting this week. I signed the contracts on Monday, was given Tuesday to sort out getting registered and a social security number and I'm supposed to start my job on Wednesday (so quite sudden).

However, as the job is with small children, I require a CRB check, and as I only just registered in Finland, they need one from the UK too. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can apply for one of these while I'm no longer in the UK?

I read through the website and they claim I need to fill in a form in ink (there's no online application) and send it in along with proof of ID. But they ask for originals, not photocopies, and I'm not going to send my passport to the UK while I'm overseas! When I tried to fill in an enquiry form to ask what I should do, I wasn't allowed because my address and phone number were not "valid UK address/phone number".

Can anyone give me any advice as to how I can apply for a CRB check to be done without having to go back to the UK to fill out the forms and send them? If anyone has been in this situation themselves, I'd appreciate the help. This is my first job in a new country and I'm panicking a little as I'm not sure how things work :(

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