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Desperately seeking job! (Helsinki)

My name is Analía and this is my experience: I have been living in Turku for a year and a couple of months. I came back to my country in November, but I would definitely like to move back to Finland as soon as possible. The main reason why I would like to move back is because I want to finish my studies there. The finnish education system is very attractive and business seems to be a great opportunity.
I understand it is difficult to get a job there, I have been working during the last summer season at a restaurant called L'escale in Nauvo as a cleaner. Then I started taking finnish lessons at Turun suomenkielinen työväenopisto. Right now I am studying swedish and finnish as well because I know how important it is.
I wouldn't mind to work as a cleaner again as long as I have the opportunity to study and start my life in Finland!
Please let me know if have the chance to apply somewhere, my CV is in finnish and english as well. Many thanks in advance! Kiitos kaikkille!


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