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Eating habits Finnland? Peace and animal torture (Helsinki)


where peace starts, where war starts ?

Question from an expat, peace activist, new at Helsinki.

How easy is for Finns to discuss about eating habits?
How easy is that for you?

How easy is to connect the dots: peace,eating habits and sustainable living?

Here some questions i would like to address, as this subject captured my attention last week. Sharing :

What do you think about eating habits ?
are those cultural ?
or learned at home ?
or belong to real biological needs?
would be to eat a dog, a caw, a horse, a rabbit, a rat, a vat, a frog, a cat, a snake, a pig, or a carrot the same ?

Is our relationship with food a mirror or our ability to live in peace?

do you think that if we become vegan, vegetarian or raw foot eaters peace foundations will be built out of this new behaviour/habit?

Or how we treat animals for: slaughter, for food, for research, for science, for fun ?

Tells nothing about our natural ability to create war?

I consider there is much structural violence and lack of responsibility in the interaction with our natural surroundings, plants, animals and resources, that there we will find another field to work at, if we want to establish peace and harmony in our planet for future generations.

Sustainable development, sustainability of life, has a direct relationship with how emotionally stable people is when facing extreme survival situations, but as well daily life and what is called "existential fear". If that is a fear related to greed and if greed is really the most important trigger of human un-responsible behaviour in last Protected content regarding war and sustainability issues ?

Well, all start at the point people decided to jump from collecting fruits into hunting ?

We learned at history books that people did hunt.. but also did farm. when meat became so important ?

So far we know, human teeth are not that one of meat eaters. So, when and why humans started to eat meat ?

Do you know that in order to produce meat the amount of energy resources consumed as well as natural resources consumed do not justify the investment and damage of environment and climate change effects?

Beside the nutritional arguments, sustainability arguments, and emotional toxin = meat arguments, against meat eating, i would like to discuss the brutal practices applied for obtaining the meat out of the animal, or the research information/data/discovery out of the species.

Why humans are used to apply power based practices on animals, nature and are not careful neither responsible ?

Do you have an answer?

Do you think if we change the habits of eating, would we become able to suggest the meat industry to change their practices? if we do not buy products created out of animal research, would we suggest the industry to change their practices?

Is this goal reachable, feasible ? or would you tell that is as impossible? Is also impossible to upgrade the reptilian brain, survival encoded behaviour, and make out of humanity in fear for survival (modern times expressed as greed), into a more self conscious, fearless, and harmony, sustainability and collaboration oriented individuals and communities?

If you tell that is not possible to upgrade the repotilian brain, and also that makes non sense to ask the meat industry and animals researchers to change their practices and reduce violence and brutal treatment of animals to the maximum... then i would say: when and where peace should start instead?

politiscian and military use the same reptilian brain to decide and develop their countries or care for them as well as corporate executives and religious leaders.

Where is the out gate way for peace ? agreements, laws, diplomacy ?

I have been sharing last 3 weeks in a round table meeting on this issues, our meeting tomorrow will be on eating habits, and brutal treatment, against animals and nature, in relation to peace.

I would love to know how would you answer to the questions i suggested here and to the main issues: where peace starts, where war starts ?

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