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FREE Swimming Lessons. (Helsinki)

As promised, the City and Outdoor group, is hosting free lessons for those that dont swim.

This is only for those that can not swim, but want to learn. Please do not contact me, if you just want to join a swimming session. We will be doing that quite soon.

There is a pool in Helsinki, that has set aside it's learners pool for non swimmers, every Wednesday evening. The times are 14.30hrs to 20.30hrs.

So far two ladies and two gentlemen have expressed interest, in joining our group. We will be starting this coming Wednesday at 6pm ... 18.00hrs. And I will be commiting the next 10 weeks.
There will be at least two InterNations swimming instrucrors in attendance, most sessions.

Entry to the swimming facility is about €5.

Please contact me in person, as we are respecting people's privacy on this low key event.

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