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Indian Painting - Warli in Finland (Helsinki)


I am presently in Finland for some time and have come with my painting brush and drawing sheets and paints to continue my passion without wasting any time.

Though I am also into Paper Flowers/Home Decorations, Fabric and Paper Brooches/Hair Rubber Bands, Handmade Fabric Headbands etc but would love to paint my hand with colors for my fascination on Warli Painting which is a Tribal Art in India, basically Maharashtra. The painting is done with rice paste, water and paste on a brown mud floor in the villages whereas now Warli is become more modernized with usage of colors made on papers (not ordinary one) fabrics, T-shirts, Tops, Coasters etc...

I would love to make a warli painting on order while some are already available for sale which is on the website. Price quote on request.

You can drop a message on Protected content

Anyways would be uploading some available with me in Helsinki while the kinds of warli painting I would take order would be of the categories for large paintings to small postcard style and book marker for your loved ones as listed below:

Off to work in the morning(Medium/Large Painting)
Pottery at work (Medium/Large Painting)
Farming (Medium/Large Painting)
I love rain (Medium/Large Painting)
Wedding theme (Medium/Large Painting)
Dance to Dance (Medium/Large Painting)
Coconut day (Large/Medium Painting)
I love to pray (Large/Medium Painting)
The famous Tarpa dance in warli (Large)
Women at work (Medium/
Bride and Groom (Postcard)
The Wedding Procession (Postcard)
On the way for wedding (Postcard)
Lets play the music (Postcard)
I Love You (Postcard)
The holy tree (Postcard)
Help me fill water (Postcard)
Dancing all the way (Book Marker)
Kids at play (Book Marker)

Incase you have any theme for me to make, you can suggest me :)

Background paper would be on availability in the market.

Happy Crafting

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