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Internations: Community or Buisness? (Helsinki)

I am under the impression that the ambassadors are volunteers and I would like to mention that they do great work in connecting global minds. However it seems to me like Internations is becoming more and more of a business. Somebody's pockets are being lined and I'm wondering who that is. It’s not a huge sum per person, but it changes the whole point of being a community in to being a money making machine

The monthly events are becoming a bit pricey. 15 Euro if your name is not on the guest list. 12 if you are not a paying member. For one drink and a little finger food. I don’t see where the profit from these events goes.

Furthermore the policy with regard to Activity Groups seems totally unfair. The groups are set up by individual members and yet the Internations 'corperation' is demanding that you pay a monthly fee in order to partake in these activities. Why should Internations profit from the voluntary efforts of others?

I have attended a couple of these events, but not frequently enough to pay a monthly fee. There are a number of other Expat groups forming on facebook which have very similar meetups but do not charge any fee. You show up, buy your own drink, and keep the rest of that 15 Euro :)

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