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Kizomba for Beginners (1.5h) - what it really is? (Helsinki)

What is Kizomba?
Is the most fashionable dance of today :-)

There is no age limits, nor body shapes to try this...

Check this lady follower who is 83 years old (YES, EIGHTY THREE), dancing Kizomba :D
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And another lady follower who is only 7 years old (SEVEN)
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They probably follow better than I do! ... And as you see, they are not body-model-tight-clothes young followers.

So, if it's not about age, nor body shape, what is your excuse? what are those self-defeating believes you have?

Here a neutral sample of social dancing
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It's natural to have prejudices about this beautiful dance because when you google, you end-up with professional dancers videos:
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(Spoiler: follower uses tarraxhina movements - waist movement - which is a different dance, not mandatory in kizomba)

This Saturday, there is a 1.5h class for beginners followed by a party.

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Great news is that those from Internations who would like to join only the class to try, can do so, without having to stay or pay for the party if you don't want.

It is difficult to find these opportunities for you to try, since usually what is offered is full courses.

Just give it a try, let go of prejudices and self-defeating thoughts...

When you don't give yourself a chance, you surely fail. If you do, there is a possibility of a win. :-)

Looking forward to dancing!

With gratitude and musical vibes,

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