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Looking for Brits to interview for master’s thesis (Helsinki)


Hi everyone! I’m a student in Turku School of Economics and writing a master’s thesis on how cultural differences between Finland and Britain affect teamwork. I have chosen this topic because of deep personal interest in cultural issues and Britain, where I have lived as an exchange student. I’m now looking for Brits working in Finland to interview for the thesis. So if you are from Britain, work in Finland and would like to help, please contact me!

The interview takes Protected content and it can be done via Skype. The interviewees will be anonymous in the thesis. The interviews will be transcribed and some samples might be put into the thesis but only if they don’t contain such information that might make the interviewee identifiable. The interviewees cannot be paid but they will get to read the finished thesis (although they won’t have to!) and maybe learn something new about teamwork between Finns and Brits.

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