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Looking for remote work! (Helsinki)


I am studying full-time (teacher education) in Helsinki and due to my lectures at Uni taking place daytime, remote work that I could basically do at home on my computer is what I am hoping to find.

This is what I am good at:

- Translations
I can translate from English/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish to Swedish. The latter is my mother tongue, I am fluent in the other stated languages. I have translation experience and have taken a translation course on university level.

- Making content
I have worked for over a year as a full-time journalist (content was produced in Swedish) and now I am freelancing a few articles per year. I have produced mostly lifestyle content and news articles, but I am also capable of making for example PR-content or informational text.

- Swedish language services
I can do proofreading or otherwise improve your existing texts (in Swedish). My major at Uni is Swedish language and literature, therefore I have tools to analyze and understand the language from different perspectives.
Also, since I am a Swedish teacher-to-be, I can help you (or your child) improve your results in Swedish language studies. This of course requires face-to-face contact which is fine with me (remote work is not a must for me) as long as our schedules match.

This is what I am looking for:

- A part-time job
- Preferably remote work
- Preferably long term, but I am open for shorter projects as well

This is what you will get:

- A hard working and sensible employee
- Clear, correct content with a creative approach
- Long term commitment

Do contact me with any inquiries.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Leila Malmefjäll

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