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Looking to make new friends (Helsinki)

Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I'm hoping to meet some new people and find friends in Finland and even in other countries too. I know there are some events organised but I was unable to attend the last one as I was working and I'd like to get to know a few people before I'm thrust into a crowd of strangers! I'm not the best in social situations, even more so when I'm surrounded by people I don't know.

I noticed there isn't really a section on the profile which would usually be the "About me" section where I can tell you nice people all the boring details about myself so here's a couple of them:

I'm 24, female, moved to Espoo region of Finland around 6 weeks ago, although I've spent a lot of time here within the last year trying to get used to everything before I officially moved over. I recently started working in an English Day Care and I love my job! I enjoy reading and writing and right now I'm participating in nanowrimo (national novel writing month) to write a 50K word novel in just 30 days. I also love puzzles and I'm a regular and a moderator on a friends website called the TimTangTest (the longest and hardest online puzzle in the world) I dare anyone who likes a challenge to give it a try. I like to walk and get close to nature, this being one of the reasons why I love Finland, and I'm a big fan of animals of all shapes and sizes and I actually used to work on an animal circus back in the UK.

So, that should be enough to go on for now. Feel free to add me on here if you think we could get along, or even if you think we couldn't but just want someone to talk to. It's a scary thing moving to a country where I know next to no-one, but I'm hoping this (not so) little post will change that and I'll get to know some great people here.

I'll do my best to attend the next meet-up event that happens, but I'd really like to know a few people first so I can hopefully not feel completely lost and awkward when I attend.

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