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Moving to Finland (Helsinki)

Dear all,

I am new to Internations and was wondering whether anyone could be of assistance - any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated :-)

I am looking to move to Finland at the end of this year as my long term partner who is a Finnish national is living over there. I have dual nationality but unfortunately I do not speak the language. I am learning albeit slowly as I am sure you'll all appreciate - wow it's tough!

Anyway, I have been looking around at jobs but really don't know where to start? I have never lived abroad so it all feels a bit daunting! I know I want to live there but I have no idea what to do or where to start. So if you are able to offer any advice or any insights that would be great.

I have worked on the railway, got a first class degree in sport science and I am currently working towards a project management qualification as I am currently working as an assistant construction PM. So you could say Jack of all trades master of none!

My interests include pretty much any sport, socialising and cooking. So I look forward to attending some events and hooking up with fellow expats when I'm over there.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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