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Moving to Helsinki from London


Moi! I am sure there are lots of these threads on here so apologies for duplication. I have a Finnish boyfriend and I’m considering moving to Helsinki to be with him. We’ve long distanced for two years and it’s make or break. However I really concerned about work (I’m a client engagement manager in recruitment) and being able to find something. I’m in a lucky position he could help me financially but I don’t really want that.

I’m also of course worried about leaving friends and having no community. And weirdly about not being able to do exercise classes as I wouldn’t know what the instructor was saying!

I’m trying to learn Finnish of course but as you all know it’s hard and I doubt I’ll evef be fluent enough for it to help in finding work!

I’m basically just looking for some real life experiences of people who made the leap to Finland to help me decide if it’s right for me. Things like where to find English speaking jobs, Expact groups in Helsinki etc.

Thanks in advance

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