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travel companions for spiritual archeology exped (Helsinki)


I would like to kindly welcome travel companions for spiritual archeology expeditions i have planned for Protected content 2016, Asia, Europe, Russia. If you are interested and already on the road, please let me know. At the momet i am in Finland and some locations here we could explore together.

Spiritual archeology is not a common travel or adventure field, that is one must on advance prepare everything, as all vary from destination to destination, if caves, mountains, daving or any other kind of adventure.

I would enjoy to know if you have adventure, explorer or survival skills. Even is not mandatory that you have those skills in order to join the crew. I do not have a travel schedule yet, but destinations i would like to reach.

Spiritual archeology expeditions destinations are archeology or spiritual sites, where explorers engage into an spiritual form of acrheology, one meditate, compare spiritual and religious data, review apocriph texts, and eventually discover spiritual relationships between sites, eras, devas or have any kind of spiritual experience at the site.

If you are a spiritual traveler and enjoy this kind of adventure, would be awesome you team up.


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