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Travelers human-rights ( How to avoid abuse ) (Helsinki)


Travelers human-rights ( How to avoid abuse )

” around the world, for any traveler, shelter, food, communication (internet) and health services, should be shared, given with no need of trade of any kind, in order to avoid hunger games, and abuse against travelers. On the other side, every traveler should have right to work online, and engage into collaboration with the sustainable development of the location, or local partners or hosts by providing professional services or experience and skills, this kind of collaboration need to be done with an agreement of trade of any kind, as suggested trade objects: education, leisure, travel services, culture, money, gifts or services. All travelers must have the right to work online, and also suggest at location services that will be provided online later on. For a global citizens realm, this must be a right. As for we all have the right to work, choose our profession, and beliefs, our lifestyle as travelers is what we belief in, a world united in peace and collaboration beyond cultures and nations, for which travel is necessary, and for the activity of travel we must generate income, that is possible only through work or investment or heritage. ” – Odin Theta (Lifestyle Traveler)

Lets make this international law through!

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