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Venture Capital - Finland (Helsinki)

Regarding the world of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Business Angels Firms I would like to know the basics in Finland:

Would you be so kind a send to me information about the following questions (in English):

. What are the requirements to open a venture capital firm in Finland

. What are the requirements to open fund in Finland to invest in firms

. What are the requirements for a foreigner venture capital to be registered in Finland what are the activities that are allowed to do

The Finnish Association of Venture Capital is a important body but so far did not reply to any of my emails... Protected content

To get this basic information in Angola or in Portugal a person goes to a Bank (because in Portugal almost all the bank have Venture Capital Firms…), National organization such as associations of Venture Capital Firms, agency of the government such the stock exchange and get that information for FREE. I am open to meet with expert in matter.

I would appreciate that you could help me in this matter.

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