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What kind of photography can be marketed? How? (Helsinki)


my name is Askar and I am a hobbyist photographer. Soon I think to obtain a Toiminimi as a photographer, as I believe that my skills can be used for some extra money. I am very serious and throughout across all technical details of photography and like some dramatic aestetics in my personal work. I also think that I am well equipped to be a good alternative for professional needs.

What I however do not know yet, is how best to advertise my skills. I need to know few things, and anyone who can answer in reasonable way, is welcome to do so.

1. What typical type of photography businesses would need? I am thinking corporate portraits and goods images.

2. What advanced, expert needs are required? (Advanced retouching, ability to shoot a thin glass full of water on 100% white background so it will look cool. etc?)

3. How, in which form, and using which media and advertisement kit one should approach, e.g., a Finnish firm? (If you know that regarding other business/consultancy services, then please answer too).

4. Where to find a list of firms once I decided to target a certain market?

So basically appreciate any reasonable input here. Also can be sent straight to askar.ibragimov @ Thanks in advance!

P.S. perhaps few images that I produced across some time.

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(and if you think I can help you get some neat pics for your firm, write too)

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