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working expat spouse with children? (Helsinki)

Hei all!

I came to Finland more than two years ago as an expat spouse. Right now, I feel that my children are well integrated, so I could have a look for work. However, during the time being, we never met anybody in a similar situation (both partners from abroad, small children, fact of going back to home country after a certain time) AND the woman is working. Also newspapers for expats still tell that woman usually are not working during their stay abroad. What about you? Did anyone of you have the wish to earn own money, to be part of a company, to do what you have studied for? And how - if so - did you manage to make this wish come true in your host country? By the way, meanwhile I speak a bit of finish (YKI 3 level) and am also willing to do some simple work...

It would be nice to hear from your experiences

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