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Xycling, Swimming, Kizomba Challenges & Surf Camp (Helsinki)

Hello darlings!

I trust you are doing wonderfully and that you have started a new week with all the energy that Monday can give :)

So, as part of the healthy living activities, these are the next ones that have come to my mind, however I need help.

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XYCLING Challenge

Yes, with an X to make it "extreme" :-)
So for this I would need the help of experienced cyclists. I have in mind to make either a long distance cycling challenge or a power/fast one.
I can go to an average pace between 2'40''-2'20'' (that is between 23km/hr-26km/hr) if distance is abt Protected content ... and the idea is to challenge ourselves either in longer distance or fast pace...
Experienced cyclists are needed to help the group and to plan the routes. If you are interested, please contact me via inbox! The idea is to do this during the autumn, preferably with the explosion of colors in nature

SWIMMING Challenge

During my former times as a swimmer, we had non-stop swimming marathons and are great events. We do this as relays. It is not against time or anything, is just about continuous swimming, however you can, for a period of time, for example 30min to 1hr and so on. Each person would swim and when time is over, then next person continues. We can put a KM objective and it can last 8hrs or so (We use to do 24 & 48hrs marathons but we were all in the swimming team)...

This activity creates a wonderful atmosphere and is about challenging yourself to accumulate more and more distance during the period you swim in order to reach the groups objective. Thinking big, we could approach sponsors and we can donate to charity.
I will need to figure out which swimming pool can help us and if Zetus would like to participate or so...
The question here is, if there would be interest and "team" spirit for this :-)

KIZOMBA Challenge

I guess I can now call myself a Kizomba dancer. If you don't know what is it, just google it. Is a form of dance from Portuguese colonies (oh! Portugal) and it means celebration, friendly gathering, party. Pretty much like internations.

The challenge here is mostly to join a course that could be tailored for us and then join the party. My question here is mostly about interest, and particularly to the real gentlemen in the group, if you would like to join.


I am planning to go back to Portugal for a surf camp, if anyone would like to join, message me!

Wishing you a gorgeous day and a miraculous week!

With gratitude and sparkling energies,

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