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"An appeal on behalf of a poor defenseless boy.... (Ho Chi Minh City)

Kimmy B, aka B.T.K.A - A "Pretty Woman" story but gone with bad…. An evil prostitute who has destroyed her family for own selfish reason.

Kimmy B’s real name is B.T.K.A, born in Protected content has one son with a very good husband and she has been with him for six years. She is acting as freelance model in Ho Chi Minh City and running an online bakery store at The Manor since three years ago. Wild child background, broken family with mother and father separated. Selfish and self centered on destruction path.

Recently, we was told by someone from facebook that KIMMY B used to work at Hollywood KTV as prostitute in Singapore seven years ago before her husband met her. KIMMY B was very popular among those prostitutes in at Hollywood KTV; therefore, she had a lot of customers who asked for her “secret and dirty” service. Being a popular prostitute in Singapore, therefore, she also has incurable STD and she was tested and diagnosed by top hospitals.

After she met her husband, he gave her respectability, took her away from her prostitute life where she used to live in $100 a month room. It seems that her life turns to new bright page from here. She moved to live in The Manor condo – one of the most luxury condo in Ho Chi Minh City, traveled over the world with husband and son, spending allowance $5,000 a month easily and the best gift is their son. KIMMY B has become living a truly luxurious life since then. They were planning to get married early next year Protected content scheduled and their son has placed in best school in the world in Singapore to study. As soon as their so was conceived, the most kind father in the world purchase a luxury condo for his inheritance as future university education. And gave her everything a woman can ever dream off. Her husband prepared multimillion dollar condo in Singapore with maid to look after her and son, ordered a Mercedes sports car, but she withdraws son from best school in world to put him into Viet local school.

Unfortunately, because of her selfish reason, she has decided that she wants to date and party again and easily throw her family away. Cruelly separating father and son. Since Last month, KIMMY B returned to her old ways. Now target fat ugly men with low self esteem to sleep with for personal gains. Now the father and son have to fight against this prostitute wife KIMMY B to get his poor son future education and inheritance and the condo value for their son future Australia university education

Since her husband found out about her cheating several months ago, he stopped sending her money and she is now seeking men to sleep with for money again. When her husband asked her to return The Manor condo title to their son (because it was her husband’s inheritance for his son future education), she refuses. That is the same meaning of stealing from her son as well.
 KIMMY B destroyed her son education and try to steal his inheritance.

We the concerned women group appeal to Vietnam 94 million citizens to remind KIMMY B not to steal from her own son. If you meet her, know her, kindly remind her of her duty to her child. The deed is evil beyond imagination. Little boy, when you grow up and can finally understand, we will remind you of how your mother has cheated you of your father's inheritance for you which should be worth $500,000 by then.

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