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Austrian family moving to HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City)

It seems like my husband, our 10 months old so and I gonna move to HCMC beginning of next year, due to my husbands job ( we gonna decide in the next 2 weeks).
Originally we're from Austria, lived in Texas for 3 years and the last 1,5 years in Austria again.
This time I'm really scared to get relocated, because of the different culture, the fact that I've never been to Vietnam before and that we have a 10 months old son.
I would appreciate if anyone can give me some advice in housing. My husbands company is north of HCMC (Cu Chi). Where are really good places to live and don't have such a long commute (district 7 seems to be too far away- which I would prefer....)??
Further I would love to get in touch with other expat women! I would need a nanny (at least part time) - are there any recommendations? Right now sometimes my parents look after our son, so I know I can totally trust them. I'm not sure if I can trust some stranger in a city I have never been before with a different culture.....- sorry for all this weird thoughts... Just spoken out of a mother's heart.

All in all I would love to get I touch with others, who have more experience in getting relocated to HCMC with their family!


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