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Body Language Coaching (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Internations Members,

Hope you're all having a phenomenal start this year Protected content .

Well, I just want to invite you to take my "Essential Body language" coaching to enhance your social and business interactions with your friends, colleagues, business partners, clients, students, etc. 

Did you know any face-to-face communication, there are 2 key elements? They are :

WORDS which is only 7% of the process; and

NON-VERBALS which accounts for about 93% of our interpersonal communication. They include: smell, eye movements, facial expressions, speech tonality, body language, Proxemics or the way we use space vis-a-vis with other people, and the way we dress.

Thus, body language is a vital element in any communication. In fact, between words and body language...body language is more trustworthy. People can lie with words but their bodies can't. And, if you can understand and display positive body language, both your social and business relationships will improve which translates to more income and profit.

Unfortunately, even though the benefits are great, many people are seemingly not interested in taking some training in body language. As a result, they have been missing precious opportunities. Here are some common scenarios that happen to people:

*Businessmen losing clients and projects because they failed to understand the red flags or important non-verbal signals displayed early on by their dissatisfied customers.

*Teachers/ Lectures/ Speakers who display the wrong body language and fail to connect with their students or audiences. 

*Executives putting their companies' reputation in a bad light due to their negative and unprofessional body language. 

*People in general who are miscommunicating with their friends, families, strangers,and colleagues- resulting in poor relationships.

Understanding and displaying proper BODY LANGUAGE, therefore, is a valuable skill set that will definitely put you ahead of your competitors; and boost your income in the process.

So, let me help you make this year more productive by becoming an effective non-verbal communicator by attending my coaching sessions for BODY LANGUAGE. Guaranteed to turbocharge your careers and relationships.

To get started, you can call me at Protected content reply to this post.

Thanks and see you later!

Best regards,

Coach Jerry

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