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Case study: looking for bag manufacturer in VN (Ho Chi Minh City)

I) How and where did I meet the Client?

Sep 22:

Client posted his inquiry looking for someone help him with bag producing in Vietnam on Reddit Vietnam.

I read the ad, I checked his profile and read what he has posted. He saw that many bags in the shops in California, US were made in Vietnam. So he looked for Vietnamese speaking people in the US to help him to do research.

(He told me that he didn’t think that this is a good option, since that person is not in Vietnam and may not understand what’s going on in Vietnam very well).

I also found video he introduced about his bag on Youtube and got the ideas about the bag.

II) Approach:

I sent the Client a private message with content of:

+ what I’ve learned about him and his business based on what he posted.

+ what he’s looking for and what is going on in his mind.

+ introduce about myself and my business liaison service.

+ introduce about a similar case when I help a German clien look for stone manufacturing in Vietnam.

+ send him link of list of bag producing companies in Vietnam.

+ ask him more details about the bag you want to produce.

+ tell him that I also can help him to find logistic service.

+ offer him my rate and tell him about money transferring method.

+ offer him reference of my current Client who can be witness for me.

+ tell him where he can find my ‘competitors’ – people who offer similar service to me.

+ give him my contact info if he has other inquiries or want to work with me.

III) Negotiation:

Client replied me to my email address, he said that he really would like to work with me, the only ‘problem’ is my rate is much higher than what he expected, that he can hire a Vietnamese student there with only $10USD/hour.

(I personally think that it’s not about how much per hour, but it’s about how can someone perform, if a person offer $10USD/hour and need 3 hours to complete the task and another one offer $30USD/hour and need only an hour to complete the task, I would like to select the 2nd one.)

I found his website via googling his email address, learned more about him.
Client is a designer by heart, he’s not only design lots of different products by himself, but also make it in actual by himself.

Sep 24: We agreed a deal which Client feel comfortable and still within my rate.

Sep 27: Client deposited 50% payment to me.

III, Work:

The Client wants to find:

1) textile company which can provide the fabric he wants for the bag

2) factory/company make metal piece as one part of the lock/buckle

3) mold making company to make plastic items (must use CAD)

4) plastic producing company to make plastic items from the mold

(can be same company with #3)

5) bag producing company which make final products using fabric and metal, plastic items provided.

I contacted around:

Protected content producing companies,

Protected content making companies,

Protected content making companies (many of them also produce plastic items)

Protected content companies

in Ho Chi Minh city area and nearby to inquiry.

I either found them online or asked reference from someone. I also posted on different pages to find out who can make the bags and items.

I sent to all companies the fullest information of Client’s inquiry with pictures, files for them to check. When a company reply, I learned from their questions/reply, ask Client any time I need clarification, then use that to reply other companies before they even ask.

I collected fullest information from manufactures (quotation, information, feedback) then send back to Client.

IV) Results:

I selected the most communicative companies which provide good information.

Protected content making companies with quotation range from Protected content to Protected content .

They told my Client to send Solid Works file for them instead of CAD.

Protected content buckle producing companies/quotations.

Protected content pieces making companies

Protected content producing companies

Protected content company (which can provide the fabric as my Client wants, it is recommended to import from China.

The task is finished on Oct 6, Protected content future works to actually produce the bags.

Check pictures at the end of this post: Protected content

I can help you to do similar sourcing under your request.

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