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Few questions about expat life in HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear friends,

I am thinking of moving to Vietnam / HCMC for work opportunity and have few questions, would really appreciate your help/advice/POV.

I am a single (divorced in fact) 39yo male, so would be moving alone. I am used to a higher standard of living, but can imagine to do some compromises in order to save money for other things and live slightly locally (eating at least, which I simply loved in Vietnam). The work would be in Bitexco tower.

Housing: Where would you recommend to consider acommodation? Is having a car a benefit in HCMC? What about the other means of transport - public? Any chance to think about "walking to the office"? Or should I consider other districts (and would car then be helpful?)? I sure do not feel like motorbiking (having spent few days in HCMC and few weeks in Vietnam before) I do not think I could manage:).

What about the cost of living? a nice apartment 1 bedroom with the living room and a balcony, ideally a building with pool and/or gym would be highly appreciated, but I do not need any top expat luxury. What costs to count with for that? 700USD/1000USD or more/less? I would prefer not sharing I guess, but who knows...

Thank you very much in advance,
Kind regards,

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