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Health in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Even in Protected content , we can still read wrong information about health insurance in Vietnam. For the past 10 years in Vietnam, several of my client got serious medical conditions.

At first, they got medical treatment in International Hospitals located in Vietnam. But as the medical capacities of International Hospitals in Vietnam are still limited compared with International Hospital in Singapore, Thailand or even with public hospital in their home countries, they usually got treatment overseas.

Please allow me to give you 3 real case study for better understanding:

1) French business man who is living in Vietnam for over 20 years. After 50 years old, he got some pains on his lower-abdomen which the international hospital in Vietnam had diagnose infection of the colon. After several month of treatment and still got pain, he met in this International hospital a medical professor. After auscultation, the medical professor had informed him that he got prostate cancer. The french business man flew back in France and got medical treatment. After 3 months, he is cured from the cancer (medical cost around 15,000 Euros).

2) Australian business man who is living in Vietnam for over 2 years. After boozy night, he was found unconscious in the street. He was transported in International Hospital in Vietnam. But as his medical conditions was very serious, the patient had been sent to Bangkok to another International Hospital. After few weeks when his medical conditions had been stabilized, the patients had been sent back to Australia (medical/evacuation cost around 40,000 USD).

3) Vietnamese Protected content old, student) who is living in Vietnam. After unexpected motorbike accident, she was urgently transported to the nearest public hospital. Unfortunately, the patient needed very technical surgery near her spinal column. If her surgery was not done properly, she would not be able to walk after this terrible accident. The doctors had decided to evacuate her to an international hospital in Bangkok (medical/evacuation cost around 22,000 USD).

- Do not buy local health insurance: local insurer will not pay fully your medical expenses and if there is any claim history, they will increase your premium 3 or 4 times and/or cancel your policy.
- Do not wait to have pre-existing condition before to buy insurance: it's very difficult to find a coverage with pre-existing cancer or chronical illness (high blood pressure, diabetes...)
- Work with professional: Decent international hospitalization coverage lifetime is starting from Protected content per month

Life is precious, better to protect yourself



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