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HELP - looking for photography venues and models (Ho Chi Minh City)


I run the photography interest group here in HCMC and I am looking for indoor venues where we can go and take photos, of either the venue itself or of models inside the venue.


The venue can be anywhere that would make an interesting photographic subject, such as coffee shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, gardens etc etc. I say indoors, because it is important to get venues where we wont be affected by the rain!

We would need access to the venue when it would not be inconvenient for the operators, but when it would be easy to photograph, such as an hour before opening or at another quiet time.

Ideally, I dont want just suggestions of "have you tried such and such" I want people who know venue owners or managers and who can give me contact details and an introduction. The benefit for the venue is that they get exposure (pardon the pun) to our members. But also, our members often post their photographic work to sites such as 500px, Flickr and Facebook, so a wider exposure for the venue is possible. Plus I expect that most photographers will be happy to let the venue use their pictures for promotional purposes. We do not want to pay for venues.


If anyone would like to try their hand at modelling for our photographers then we would love to hear from you. You dont have to be a professional model as this is all about having fun, but if you have ever fancied seeing what modelling is like or if you are trying to build a portfolio then please do get in touch.

Many thanks


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