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Citysmart Education & Technology Corporation
110 Street #2, Cu Xa Do Thanh, District 3, HCMC

CitySmart Education and Technology Corporation is a Canadian company that specializes in educational products for learning foreign languages. The company has entered Vietnam market since Protected content the aim to help students to learn English more quickly and efficiently. We cooperated with lots of experts in linguistics and technology to bring an advanced electronic talking book to English learners. It is called easy-Talk. We believe that easy-Talk has been the best tool for any student in Vietnam and it makes learning English easier and more exciting than ever.

Up to now, we have introduced more than 10 models with many features and functions and we have continued to improve the features as well as the design of the product to meet the high demand of customers nowadays.

With the aim to provide English learners with a wide range of books, we have cooperated with the famous publishing houses such as Vietnam Education Publishing House, First News, Kim Dong Publishing House, Phuong Nam Publishing House and so forth. Software to be used with the electronic talking book is always updated on the website for free download.

In addition, we also wish to help foreigners living in Vietnam to study Vietnamese easily and quickly. For this reason, we have cooperated with the author of the most popular book in Vietnam for foreigners to learn Vietnamese. By applying the electronic talking technology, we introduced a new product called Vietnamese for Foreigners. It allows any foreigner to learn Vietnamese easily, effectively, and in his/her own privacy anytime anywhere.

We believe this is a necessary tool for any foreigner that is serious about working or living in Vietnam. We are looking for someone to be our agent to help us to promote and distribute this product. If you know many foreigners living in Vietnam, or you know how to reach these foreigners, then you can earn good money while helping these foreigners learn Vietnamese.

If you are interested, please contact us at Protected content . For more information, visit the link: Protected content

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