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Looking for investor for a farm at Binh Thuan (Ho Chi Minh City)

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I. Introduction:

Locates around Protected content north east of Ho Chi Minh city, 28 hectares of land belong to Binh & Ut at Da Trang village, Song Binh commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province promise lots of agricultural potentials.

Beside 15 ha planting around Protected content fruit trees, and 2 ha planting chili, will be harvested one month later, Binh & Ut are looking for investors for remaining land.

Resigned from a real estate job in HCMC with high income, commute by car, Binh accepted to come to a far away place, sleep in tent with oil lamp, fighting with sunlight & wind, determine to do agriculture.

II. Ideas:

Binh wants to build a modern farm with few ideas below:

+ Planting simultanously short term and long term tree, using the short term to support the long term, currently Binh selects nanfenmiju – short term, chili – long term. These 2 kinds of tree are fit with weather here, high profitable, as well as Binh has deep understanding and good skills to plant.

Chili is easy to die if there are lots of rain, so this time at Mekong Delta, people can’t plant chili, lead to price of chili increase. Taking advantage of not raining at Binh Thuan, Binh plants chili.

+ Planting simultanously short term requires higher initial investment, but save time, effort and management. At the same time, save land: long term tree is higher, short term tree is shorter.

Time to plant chili up to harvest is 6 months.

Time to plant nanfengmiju up to first time harvest is 1.5 years.

+ Tourism agriculture:

Locate at the middle of well-known tourism destinations of Vietnam: Phan Thiet beach and Da Lat, Binh plans to make his farm to become the resting stop of tourists, on the way Phan Thiet – Da Lat.

To do this, Binh contacted Trien – who has many years of experiences in tourism industry, to help promoting to tourists in the future.

+ Agricultural real estate:

With the advantage of the land is higher than sea water level 200m, there is a natural water stream pass by, the land of Binh & Ut will increase value, when sea water level increases, Mekong Delta will be in danger, people will look for higher place to do agriculture.

Binh wants to and plans to buy the whole surrounding land, to expand to 60ha, make the untouched land to become ready-to-use land with water supply. People just need to come, rent the land and plant what they want.

But he wants to build his farm successfully first, so people have examples to see.

III. Looking for investment:

Binh & Ut are looking for investor for their farm with investment range from few hundred million VND to few billion VND. Depend on the investment, they will use with following purposes:

+ Planting on all current land which is still empty.

+ Purchasing equipment, machinery.

+ Purchasing high quality seeds and seedlings.

+ Purchasing high quality fertilizer.

+ Take care and harvest fruits and products.

Depend on level of contribution of investors, profit sharing can be 50/50 or 40/60.

If investor has idea to plant another kind of plant/tree, can suggest, Binh will check if it is suitable with weather, climate and with his skills.

Currently, Binh already has one investor, they worked in same company previously, invested to Binh few hundred million VND.

* With foreign investors, specially 100% foreign-owned company, Binh expects to be helped with:

+ import machinery, such as VALTRA T Protected content , currently is being taxed 300% if self-import.

+ import high quality seeds

+ import fertilizer, currently domestic fertilizer has around 30% are fillers.

+ bring new technology, knowledge.

* Reasons Binh doesn’t borrow money from other sources:

+ Binh & Ut aren’t native in this province, so they can’t borrow money at local banks, also can’t borrow money at banks at Ho Chi Minh city, since the land is at Binh Thuan province.

+ They don’t want to borrow money from shadow bankers since high risk and affect to reputation.

+ Moreover, they’re looking for people who are passionate about it, and is willing to work together for long term development.

If you want to know more about this, but don’t speak Vietnamese to talk with Binh & Ut, you can contact me.

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