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Looking for investor for Nanfengmiju fruit garden (Ho Chi Minh City)

A farmer at Binh Thuan province is looking for investor to invest 15 ton of NPK fertilizer for his Nanfengmiju fruit garden. Profit will be shared equally.

So Binh and his wife – Ut have been to agricultural business for 7 years. They have a house in D2, HCMC and they own 30 ha of land at Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province – around 220km from HCMC. In which, they used 15 ha to plant Nanfengmiju fruits. The remaining 15 ha is still empty and looking for investor.

Binh & Ut – owner of the garden
Binh has 11 people work for him regularly. He selected Nanfengmiju fruit to plant since this kind of fruit is more unique – not everyone can plant it as it requires good investment as well as high skills, high technic. Because of this, the price is stable and is not up and down – depending on the market as other kinds of fruits. From his experience, this kind of fruit is widely used in praying activity of people. So the fruit has good market itself locally. Specially in the North, people can’t produce this fruit so they are heavily depend on supply from the South.

As locational convenient, Mekong Delta supply this fruits to Ho Chi Minh city and his garden supply fruits for Hanoi and the North since it’s nearer than Mekong Delta, and his fruits has thicker skin which are easily to transport long distance and still keep good quality.

Price of the fruit at Simply Mart – Protected content Binh Trong, D5 on Mar 23
About the tree and the garden: He has planted this tree for 2 years, and invested Protected content VND into it. Now, after 2 years, he already make the tree to have flowers and it will take 8 months to harvest the fruits. He will invest Protected content more for worm prevention. And he’s looking for investor to invest 15 tons of NPK fertilizer equivalent to Protected content VND. And this is not one time investment, but divided into 8 times for 8 months, so 15 tons divide to 8 or Protected content divide to 8. An he prefers to be invested fertilizer instead of money since it’s clearer. He will tell the investor the specification of fertilizer and the investor will buy it. The investor also can send inspector to the garden to observe him using fertilizers.

Ready-to-eat Nanfengmiju fruit at Simply Mart, Protected content Binh Trong, D5
About harvesting season: There are 2 ways to select harvesting season for the fruits: + 1st way is every year on November. 2nd way: make the tree bear fruit throughout the year and Binh selected the 1st way since it’s more productive. The 2nd way only make around Protected content every month and he would rather let the tree take a rest for few months then produce fruits next year than harvest monthly.
Life span of the tree: This kind of tree if live in nature without impacting of human can last for 30 years. But since he stimulate to make the tree bear more fruits, so they last for 8 years only.
Productivity: for 1st season is Protected content if without fertilizers. If has fertilizers can reach to Protected content . And next season will be more productivity due to the tree grow bigger.
Price: price of this fruit is normally 18,000/kg if buy at garden. So minimum income of the 1st season is 2 billion VND, equivalent to minimum return on investment is 30% annually. After deduct all expenses of both sides, the profit will be divided equally into 2, although he invest more money and put more effort.
This place didn’t have any storm for Protected content .
If you are invited to visit the farm to get to know more about them and what they are doing.

For the rest 15 ha, Binh has 2 options or can be combination of both:
1st is planting pomelo & orange and while waiting them for 2 years to bear fruits, he will plant corn and raise cows. The corn will be sold, the corn tree will be used to feed the cows and cowshit become fertilizer for the garden.
2nd is planting fast growing & harvesting vegetables like chili and ginger. But only if there is buyer signed contract to buy with fixed price.
So chili & ginger are very profitable, but only effective if plant with high volume of Protected content .
So investment for 1ha of chil is around Protected content and income is around Protected content , so almost 100% return on investment. This also mean 10ha of chili can make 3 billion VND income.
The good thing of planting chili is it takes only 4 months to grow and 2 months to harvest, so total of 6 months. The challenge part is it need huge number of human resource: Protected content for 10 ha. So people only dare to plant if there is a fixed contract to make sure they have money to pay for people.
Beside his land, his neighborhood also has 60 ha of land available.
You also can read the report at: Protected content
Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiry!

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