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Meet up tonight Oct 21: No one cares about you (Ho Chi Minh City)

Don't get me wrong! I know that there are people who cares about you.

What I mean is: like when I organize this meet up,
I expect people to come, I expect people to have a good time,
and I expect myself to be able to bring to people the best experience.

So I think about what I type, what message I should send to people,
I take care of the email/message as a 'baby', and think twice or more before I send.

But I already know that: not everyone cares about this.
You care but you also don't care.

You may skim and skip this email quickly to go to the next email, or next thing you need to do.

I realized that sometime I put tension and pressure on myself too much on something,
and actually other people don't care about it.

Do you experience the same?
you cared so much about something, and realized that other people don't care about it like you do?
Do you also sometime realize that "no one cares about you"?
And how does it help you in your life when you realize so?

Please come and join our meet up 7pm tonight Oct 21st at
Cafe Villa 37 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, D2.
Call me to Protected content you need to ask about direction.

Like last time, there is food and drink there, you can order what you want and pay as you order.

Thank for reading and see you tonight! Same time, same channel!


P.S: For new people who want to know more about our meet up group,
please visit and join our Facebook page Ho Chi Minh city meet up:

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