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Member Get-Togethers not at bars (Ho Chi Minh City)

I signed up about a year ago but I haven't attended any GTs yet because every notification I get about an upcoming one sounds like it's at a bar, and that really it's going to be a night of bar hopping. I don't mind being around people having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner but, well, watching people getting plastered isn't my cup of tea. I don't drink alcohol and in VN Being around people drinking means being around smoking, which is something I simply can't do.

Are there ever GTs at restaurants or other venues than bars? I'd like to meet some more people but not where drinking alcohol is the social goal.

I live in Cần Thơ, I write software for clients abroad, like science and all kinds of music.

Chris Fox / caothien9[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]vn

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