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Motorbike driver license and insurance in Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear members,

Will it be possible for me to obtain a motorbike driver license and (compulsory) insurance in Viet Nam? And how do I go about it.

I am going to be in Viet Nam for 2 months on a 3 month visa.
My plan is to travel up and down Viet Nam on a rented 250cc motorbike.
So far I found out that my motorbike license is not valid in Viet Nam and that liability and 3rd party property insurance is compulsory.

To obtain a Vietnamese driver license one needs a visa for at least 3 months, an official translation of the foreign license and hand in the stamped (by my consulate) application form, copies of passport, driver license, residence address and 3 passport photos.
I will be getting a 3 month visa. Will that be sufficient? Do I need a work permit / investment license?

How do I get the compulsory liability and 3rd party property insurance?
Bike rental shops don't like, want or are unable to provide for that. In Europe this is all included.

This is the most detailed info I could find regarding driving license:
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