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My life changing with JHC & SRP (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dec 19, Protected content

There are so many fears I had and can have in my life. Basically, fears of not worthy & enough, fear of disqualification. i.e: (in the past) fear that I wouldn’t pass the pressurized University entrance exam, fear of not beautiful enough, not cook well enough, not worth to be “friend” with this person, not worth to belong to that group, fear if I can’t make someone (important to me, like my mother, my uncle, my favorite cousins) happy about me. Me, now, going to 29 years old, although I’m kind of “disqualified” as “Vietnam standard”: not married and not in a job, the ONLY fear (should be biggest fear) which I have is: disqualified to be coached by Jersey Howard Co, either don’t earn enough money to pay for his coaching, or even have the money, but not being accepted by him. Resigned from white collar job since March Protected content , I was in fear, worry & afraid for a long time of: “where will the next money come from?”. Other people ask me “do you have a stable income?”. Up to now, I can say: it’s NOT about stable income, it’s all ABOUT stable emotion. It has been 1.5 years I’m not under any company, don’t have to go to any office 8am-5pm, I just trust life so much. And I’m so thankful when I trust (Jersey) that: “Everything will be fine” & “Everything is alright right now”.

Because of that decision, now I can select people who I want to work with more, and “fire” people I don’t enjoy to work with. I have “weird” incomes, maybe not that big, but it expands my mind a lot about possibilities. I’ve been travelling around, meet different people, listen to different stories, learn different things – something which an office job can never give me to that extend. I enjoy the feeling of freedom, that I can select, make decision. I’m more ME, I don’t have to pretend to be someone who is not me, to just keep the job.

Before, I waited for people to offer me, or lead me, now I’m the one who make proposal to people (even house sharing or a work together).

This post is the 1st one in a series of post about my life changing & how did JHC and Sharon Rose G Pabillon helped & contributed to my life changing.

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