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Nasir, Barry, Taka - Expats in Vietnam report no 1 (Ho Chi Minh City)

Today I want to introduce to you 3 expats in Ho Chi Minh city
who I've met and spoke with, with the hope to bring you guys closer.
Maybe you guys have something in common or can help each other.
So here is the video:

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(​Please note that this video & email is sent to you under their permission!​)

I called it "Expat in Vietnam Report no. 1"
since this is a start of series of video which I'm planning to record weekly or monthly.
Tell me if you want to be included in next video.
Please disregard this email if you find no interest and reply with
"I don't want to receive similar emails"!

First: Nasir Uddin
From Bangladesh
IT professional

I met Nasir via
I met him and his wife in person on Feb 27 at Thao Dien, D2.

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Second: Barry McCarthy
From Australia
Animal rescue

I met Barry via LinkedIn.
I met him and his family on Feb 28 at Thao Dien, D2.

- Protected content

Third: Takayasy Furukawa
From Japan
Water activator

I met Taka via VCCI forum.
I met him in person on Mar 1

​If any of you want to contact with Nasir or Barry or Taka, let me know!
I'll ask for their permission first.​
​Please let me know if any of you have feedback!


Nasir Uddin

Nasir is IT professional. In his first email to me, he did one thing very impressive. Beside introduce about himself clearly: who he is, what he does, what he wants; he also downloaded all pictures from my website and make them much more beautiful.

Nasir has Graphic Design business in Bangladesh for 3.5 years. The business is going well and they already have clients in Europe.

Nasir moved to Vietnam 7 months ago since he met and married to a Vietnamese woman. He now wants to invest here, to create a team doing same business. And he’s looking for an European business partner who has access to Europe. He has lived in Europe for 3 years and see lots of potentials in this market.

Nasir loves the beauty, the charm of this business is that he can manage everything online.

Nasir currently lives with his wife in Binh Duong province.

Barry McCarthy

Barry teach English as profession but he has deep love with animals. Many years in his life, he lived far away with his loved ones but he always has a dog with him. He has been rescuing, protecting animals in his whole life.

When talking with me, Barry express a deep sorrow: he feels that he’s not doing enough for the animal. Specially when he aware that the dogs and cats in Vietnam are being eaten.

Barry told me how powerful dogs and cats are:

+ when you put a dog with an old person who live alone, both their lives go up.

+ when you put a cat with a person in hospital who is about to pass away, that person die peacefully.

+ dogs and cats are faithfully friends of human. Human are very conditional, dogs and cats – they ask for nothing.

Barry know few people doing something similar to him.

+ That’s a French guy lives in D9. He rescued and raises 40 cats in his place. He doesn’t have a proper kitchen in his place. He himself sleep on floor, but he has 40 cats with him.

+ Another one is Chris – who open a VET in D2 and has a ground with grass for the dogs to run.

+ 3rd one is John in Thailand who open a center named SOI since Protected content rescue animal. And John’s wife lost her legs because of rescuing a dog.

So Barry has many ideas of how he wants to do this:

+ He wants to rescue animals, he wants to increase cleanliness and hygiene for animals. He wants to do birth control.

+ He wants to raise money to make a van fully equipped to go on streets, take care of the dogs and cats, give them a better life.

+ He wants to create a center in Long Thanh, Dong Nai for refusal animals. He also want to create a Dog & Cat Wash in D2 and D7 since many foreigners live in these 2 places have pets.

Barry currently lives in Thao Dien, D2 with his Vietnamese wife, her son, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Takayasy Furukawa

Taka is Japanese but he has been living abroad 9.5 years: 4.5 years in Singapore and 4.5 years in Malaysia. He creates a company in Vietnam with a Vietnamese partner since last August to sell a product which is water activator.

It’s really a high end product with price of few thousand USD for one unit so it’s very selective clients. In 9.5 years doing this business, Taka has less than Protected content , but all of them are happy with the product. His clients also help him to promote the product to other people.

So normally other water cleaning products just focus on enhance quality of drinking water. But water activator can enhance all water. Since it’s installed at the input water of a household or farm, hotel, hospital or factory …

The product is created by a secret technology and has negative electron which is included in the water when water run through it.

This help to increase health inside & out, since it increases enzyme in drinking water. Skin and hair become more smooth. Washing clothes, dishes is easier with less detergent.

Tree and plants grow faster with less even no decease, better taste and quality.

This product is available on market for 15 years and has done many testing in the company, in Universities in Japan and by Taka himself.

So Taka steamed rice by water from this activator and keep in glass bottle. After 3 months, 6 months, one year, the rice still remain same color and shape.

And the company although is very small, very humble but sold products internationally.

Taka currently lives with his wife in D4 and his office is in D3.

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