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Nguyen Bieu Street, Dist 5, HCM - who is he? (Ho Chi Minh City)


Nguyen Bieu(…- Protected content
He was born in Ha Tinh province, Viet Nam. Living and working in Tran empire, 15th century.
He is a general served under King of Trung Quang De ( Protected content ).
At that time, Viet Nam was resisting against invasion of Chinese army leaded by general Zhang Fu in Nghe An battlefield.
The king sent him to campus ‘s Zhang Fu, negotiate with Zhang Fu but he failed and was killed.
Zhang Fu ordered his soldier to tied Bieu in bridge, killed Bieu by tide at night.
VietNamese appreciated his dead and his brave, building temple in where he was killed.( Yen Ho, Duc Tho, Ha Tinh).
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written by Tim Tim
PS: next note is Truong Vinh Ky street and Le Van Duyet street.

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