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Offering Pet Boarding Service (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi, I am currently living in a house in district 2 and although I have only moved here for a month I notice that there are not many pet service available here.

I am not working at the moment so I have decided to offer pet boarding service here in my own home but of course only limited to maybe a maximum of 3 pets at one time as I would like to offer the kind of boarding that would be able to have full attention on your pets, their needs and proper care. As I know it is hard to trust just anyone here but I assure you that I am fully dedicated. I also have a puppy myself so I am well aware of the concerns we all have here regarding our beloved pet/pets smile

If you are going on a holiday or needing a pet boarding service please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will also do basic grooming for your cat or dog while they stay with us and before they go home all nice and clean.

Just want to share with everyone that is wondering.

When your pet/pets is staying with me, they will not be kept in cages all the time. They will be walked, groomed and played with daily.

Also I am a big fan of Ceaser Millan the dog whisperer. If you like I will also provide basic training for your dog, I do believe that a happy pet is a balanced pet which requires exercise, mental stimulation, obedience and affection :)

Update July 23rd: I forgot to mention that I do boarding for cats as well, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need boarding service for your kitty/kitties

My email is : Protected content

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