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Partnership needed for E-biz – serious needed (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hello friends!

This is Kim from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. It’s nice to know you and wish things are all going well with you there.

Lately, I am looking for partners for my E-business. From my side and viewpoint, it seems everybody could be my potential partners, so this invitation letter is directly for you and many others also. Hope it’s fair enough to get your interest after you go through the following details.

The E-business I mentioned is kind of simple. Completely no financial investment. All jobs are via Internet, giving you a variety of opportunities to earn money while enjoying funs, sharing experience, making friends, building your own network…, and somehow I believe so as I myself seriously research and find out these opportunities before taking actions and giving recommendation. They’re the famous sites of the industry, which pass the investigation and inspection with payment proof and high ranking in term of reliability and trustfullness, and still there’re many more sources for you to check yourself (e.g. via investigation organization/group, forums, trustful social sites, payment proof links, youtube videos, paid members...)

I’ll try to make it short and get to the point so you can grab it quickly then explore more yourself upon your needs, following some useful links to be given somewhere at the bottom of this mail.

1. Online job category:
- Online surveys
- Viewing Ads / Commercials / Movies / Videos / Trailers
- Form filling
- Date entry / Data processing
- Browsing websites / Promoting your websites/blogs while still earning on that
- Giving referals / Inviting friends to join or sign up E-business sites. The bigger of referals, the faster and the higher income you can get.
- Trying / Testing new products
- Referring Advertisers
- Playing new games
- Download free Softwares / Games
… and you surely get paid with all these jobs.

2. Requirements:
- Zero financial investment or little investment for upgrade but this is optional
- Have PC/Laptop with accessed Internet
- Remember: Only ONE ID per IP address. All fake ID or IP address or cheating/hacking effort will not get paid, and your account will be deleted. This is top importance, so make sure it is kept in your mind.
- Time investment Protected content or more depending on your time budget or schedule)
- Have some basic knowledge of Internet browsing and English
- Open mind with basic common sense
- Manners needed: serious, honest, a bit patient for the beginning, self-motivated, friendly, open minded…

3. Benefits:
- Earn good money (get some extra cash or full-time earning, it’s up to you) to better provide yourself and your beloved from easy online jobs
- Build your own business network / partnership and benefit financially from that
- Enjoy great payment from your referals
- Get rewarding on occasions and a variety of offers
- Have funs
- Make friends
- Improve your knowledge and experience in many aspects
- Open your mind and heart
- Contribute your donation to community
- Do charity as per your wish
- Be proud of yourself and enjoy your achievements
- Get success your own way
… and many more that only you yourself experience, right?

So, belows is a few useful reliable links you can get started and get tips to do:
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Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content
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…still there’re many more to be shared with you very soon to enhance your potential income.

If you have any query or need more information, do feel free to contact me at:
Protected content
Protected content
Phone: Protected content

Look forward to hearing from you and believe in our potential collaboration.

Let’s work together, develop together, make money together and enjoy funs together!

Enjoy your days!

Best regards,


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