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Phan Xich Long str. and Nguyen Huu Tri str. (Ho Chi Minh City)


Have you ever been on Phan Xich Long( Phu Nhuan Dist) and Nguyen Huu Tri ( Binh Chanh Dist.) and make a question: Who are they?
Let me share you about their story.
Phan Xich Long ( Protected content ) and Nguyen Huu Tri (…- Protected content .
They set up a base in Cambodia to fight against France government in South of Viet Nam.
Then they returned to Viet Nam, based in An Giang.
24th March Protected content , they made a plan of bombing in Sai gon and Cho Lon but not get success.
Long moved to Phan Thiet and was arrested here , but Tri was not.
15th Dec. Protected content , leaded by Tri, other friends started from Ong Lanh bridge, attacked Kham Lon and Governor Palace with idea of rescuing Long.
However, French soldiers fired them and Tri was killed.
Long was fired later with many his friends.
------- Protected content
P/S: next note is story of General .Tran Nguyen Han

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