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Possible Move to HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hey guys, new InterNations user here. I have an interview for a position in HCMC this coming week, and though it isn't certain, I thought I would do some preliminary research for some of the questions I have. I will be moving by myself, but I am hoping to snag a 2 bedroom place as I will have a lot of visitors, and a buddy of mine might be getting a job as well. I don't have kids, so schooling isn't a concern, but I am looking for somewhere that has a decent fitness center nearby. I don't need a Gold's Gym or anything, but a place with the basic weights and a pullup bar would be fine. I am also very interested about the martial arts / boxing scene, and would love to get in a gym with that as well. Amenities included would obviously be a plus, just to avoid the hassle of multiple payments. Nightlife is something I am interested in as well, but I don't mind walking a mile or two, where I'm from that is a short distance, and given my size I normally don't attract very many problems. Thanks for any advice you guys have!

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