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Reference for Mao about her cleaning service. (Ho Chi Minh City)

Jan 22, Protected content , I posted an advertisement to look for a temporarily part time house cleaner on Facebook of “Students look for part time cleaning job”.

The job is help me to clean my newly moved studio room: wardrobe, wall, chair, table, picture, glass, floor, balcony and some stuffs (rice cooker).

I selected Bùi Thị Mão (year of birth Protected content she was able to help me right away (as I want to), with the rate I offered. Since she wasn’t familiar with the way to come to my place, so she was late 2:30pm). But she started to work right away and know what to do.

I newly moved so I didn’t buy lots of cleaning stuffs yet but Mao was able to use available things to complete the task.

I went out to do other things (more than an hour) and my things were still there (include one Macbook Air).

4:20pm Mao called me and said that she has done the job, while I was still outside. It shows that she’s honest, since if she just stay there to extend the time, I don’t know.

Since I have to wait at the bank so I asked Mao to lock the door and go to the bank to get her payment (although she said that she can wait).
I paid for her higher than initial agreement, and when I arrived home, it’s totally worth it. Mao has done jobs as I required and even more: collect dried leaves and trash in my “mini garden”, fold and arrange things for me … She also locked the back door and window carefully. And she helped me to clean the room carpet, I didn’t know how to clean, luckily that she did.

It was my first time to hire a cleaning service in my life, and I want to thank Mao for this wonderful experience.

If you want to hire Mao to work for you, contact me so I will help you to contact her. She’s married and has a child, she’s also still studying so she doesn’t have a fix schedule.

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