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Share with me your Ideas for meet up (Ho Chi Minh City)


Are you looking for a meet up to meet people?

I’m organizing a new meet up, I’m looking for people who want to join and want to share idea about topic for the meet up.

Please share your own topic, or you can select one of the topic below:

Other people’s ideas:

1) From Ân: Moral codes/Personal rules(Quy tắc của cá nhân/Quy tắc sống)
There are 4 laws a resonable person normaly lives by:Goverment's law, social standards, the rules of the religion that person believe and his/her own moral codes. But the highest piriority is the last one. Because of that, when a person does or acts in a way that differ their codes, he/she will feel a pain, feel like he/she has betrayed himself/herself.
So here are few questions to help make the conversation going:
+ Tell about your moral codes that you live by.
+ Have you ever had to act or do thing differ than your codes? Why ? How did you feel?
+ There are always a guy/group with his/her/their moral codes against the society, like the mafia, or the terrorist. What do you think about that ? Where is the problem ?
Discalmer: I got this idea from a book I read recently. Sadly it's only Vietnamese. Its name is : "Đúng việc - Một góc nhìn về câu chuyện khai minh" by Giản Tư Trung. (Doing your duty right - A perspective of enlightenment)

2) From Felix: Share about shameful moments. (I like this idea since it’s very helpful to BE REAL)

3) From Hưng: Share about love life stories.

My own ideas:

1) Business idea meet up:

Each person has different ideas everyday. And regardless of if you have a job/work or not, you want to do something. OR at least you want to do something already exist differently.

Your idea need/want to be nurtured by sharing, by at least say it out.

You can share at least one idea/business idea you have in your mind with the group, + regardless of that idea already exist or not;
+ regardless of it’s well-written or not (sometime it’s just random idea),
+ regardless of you have time and money to invest into it or not,
+ regardless of it’s possible or not.

The group is where you can feel free to ‘test’ your idea, to get more ideas from, and maybe someday from the group, you can find someone who can help you or work with you in the idea.

2) Gratefulness meet up: share about the time, moments, experience you’re grateful for in your life.

3) Share about one of your favorite movie/TV series, and what do you learn from it.

4) Share about one of your favorite book, and what do you learn from it.

5) Share about one of your favorite person, and what do you learn from it.
This person can be a famous person, but also can be someone less people know about.

About time and location for the meet up:
+ Location will be at Thao Dien, D2.
+ Time: 7pm up to 9:30pm.
+ Date: Last times we usually organize on Fridays and Saturdays,
but I also want to ask.

About previous meet ups, you can join FB page Ho Chi Minh city meet up for information:

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