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Shopping for you! (Ho Chi Minh City)

What will be more easier than just ordering through email and receiving household products at your front door? You do not need to go out and do shopping in this hot and humid weather!
You will not worry about price and quality as our products is in competitive price and high quality.
You just need to send us your request and we will bring it to your front door. It is simply that you can just log in to your email and send your requests to our email at Protected content

Here are few products that we are offering :
1 Detergrent Tide Downy 6kg 185,000
Tide Professional 6kg 160,000
2 Tide Downy 3kg 100,000
3 Omo 3kg 105,000
4 Fabric condition Comfort 160,000
5 Comfort (for sensitive skin) 175,000
6 Stain remover for white clothes My Hao 13,000
7 Stain remover for color clothes Axo 41,000

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