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Take care of skin in safe way (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Friends!

I have developed my own brand of 100% natural coconut oil. It’s completely bespoke and handmade, by yours truly!

Remember to take special care of yourself. Your skin is the first indicator of good health. My coconut oil eliminates spots and blemishes, giving your skin natural moisture and an attractive glow. Use the oil on your hair too! It will leave you with a smooth, silky straight natural look. Remember every 100ml bottle contains no less than 1kg of coconut fibre!

I never rush the manufacturing process. After 2 hours cooking time the oil transforms from white to a golden glow. This is your guarantee that the product offers maximum preservation and is even good for the most sensitive skin.

I am proud to offer an economical, yet quality product. Price: 80.000 VND per 100ml bottle.

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