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Textile companies + Jar manufacturing companies (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi everybody,

It's gonna be my first time of using InterNationas as a resource. I have two separate questions:

-My British friend is looking at companies or local manufacturing plants that specialize in mass production of high-end women's undergarments. I've looked at a few garment companies here but they do not specialize in this area, nor do they have the expertise or the equipment. We are looking at lingerie, bras, panties and the like.

-Also another Canuck friend of mine is looking at producing and marketing more of her freshly minted dips. However she has trouble finding a manufacturer of glass jars with a proper sealed cap. The ones she is using right now is made out of see-through plastic with a red plastic top and I think it's seriously affecting the quality of her dip. Right now it's still a cottage industry and the one we know for glass jars is asking for very big quantity in order number. It would be great if someone could suggest a local glass product company that takes smaller orders with reasonable quotes.

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